Sunday, December 23, 2012

First bisexual experience

Ever since my friend Peter and I met, I was attracted to him both in mind and physically(I know I am Bisexual)...and when we talk together we inevitably end up discussing our wives and our sexual needs. Our wives are pretty straight and both healthy women and Peter and I have shared our stories about what each like etc. 

One night while we were out without the gals...Peter and I were sharing some thoughts and he just leaned over and kissed me on the mouth...he said "I love you man". I was a bit surprised but rather aroused. I think I blushed a bit. He apologized then and I said "No, it's fine really" "It's ok". We were sitting at the bar so I reached over and put my hand on his lap and rubbed his thigh and crotch area. "There hows that?" I asked and winked at him. "Now were talkin" He smiled at me and had a gleam in his eye. We chatted a bit more and I continued stroking his thigh and crotch until I was sure I felt him getting harder. "Want to get outta here?" I asked. Yeah ...its too warm in here. We paid the tab and went outside in the night air and walked toward our cars. "Why dont you come over to my place for a drink? Judy is out for the night with her friends and probably wont be home till really late...we can go for a hot tub and relax." Peter asked. I said "Sounds great". We drove to his house and as I was driving I felt so aroused that I was growing in my jeans.

When we got to P's house, he mixed us a couple of stiff drinks and handed me mine. You want to go for a hot tub? He asked. Sure thing I said....we went out to the back portch and he turned on the tub and looked at me and said....I always go nude if thats ok ...he slid his shirt off and started to unzip his jeans and I put my drink down and followed his lead. I was quickly naked and grabbed my drink and went over and got in the tub as Peter was climbing in....his **** was semi erect I noticed as was mine....he got in beside me and leaned over and kissed me again...this time I was ready and we quickly were teasing each others tongues...I slid my hand down to his **** and started strocking it as we kissed....I could feel him respond as he in turn took my **** and did the same. We broke off the kiss and had a few more sips as we continued stroking our *****. "I really meant it when I said I love you, you know" "I love you to" We kissed again and he suggested we take a break from the tub. I followed him to the couch on the portch and we sat and placed our drinks on the table...P wasted no time and got on his knees and began licking my ****....I was in excstasy! I laid down and encouraged him up and we laid on the couch in a 69 both eagerly sucking our *****...we continued for several minutes till I heard P moaning and sayin that he was gonna ***,,..I just hummed on his **** Mmmm...Hmmm He shot his load and as he did I couldnt hold back and also came in his mouth we both were cummin and swallowing for what seemed like minutes....when we were done we kept licking and kissing each others ***** until we had softened. P got up first and wiped his mouth and took a sip of his drink....That was great Steve Thanks!! I got up and licked my lips and had a drink too. Yes it was amazing! I reached over and kissed him again. We try to get together often but usually we dont suck each other off...only on special occasions now....but we always greet each other with a kiss...even in front of the girls!


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